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How to skin tomatoes

Here is something i picked up when i was traveling in India for the first time. Strangely enough it was up in the snowy Himalayas in little wooden ashram lodgings with the Italians, an Israeli friend and the Japanese girlfriend of one of the Italian guys.  They showed us how to make real Italian style pasta sauce and that requires toms sin skin.

Once you know this simple trick you will save loads of time and hassle when you are making something that requires skin-free tomatoes, like soup or salsa.

A friend of mine thinks that eating the tomato skins give you wrinkles, i’m not sure if this is a common Mexican belief but its not true. Actually tomatoes are FULL of anti-oxidants, vitamins A + C, calcium, potassium and are a great source of lycopene – a key anti-ageing, cancer fighting and heart protecting anti-oxidant. Tomatoes are also one of the few fresh ingredients that are better for you when cooked.

There has also been recent scientific studies that show that tomatoes help protect your skin from the sun and that eating them regularly gives your skins’ defence a boost against the harmful rays of the sun – so many reasons to eat tomatoes!

So here’s how to skin tomatoes quickly and easily:

1.Score an ‘x’ on the bottom of each tomato – try not to cut too deep, just score the skin.

2. Pour on boiling water to cover the tomatoes and leave for between 30 seconds to a minute – if you leave them in the water too long they will start to cook.

3. Drain off the hot water and immediately re-cover  the toms with cold water and leave a few seconds more –  you will see the skin starting to come away where you scored them.

4. Hold under the cold tap for extra ease and gently slide the skin off, it should come away without force or the need to pull or use any utensil.

Et voilà!

Now you know how to skin tomatoes fast and easy, you wil have skinless tomatoes ready ina jiffy, perfect to make a salsa or soup or anything tomatoey without annoying bits of skin!


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