A collection of my favourite recipes & remedies from Mexico and around the world.

A Fresh Start!

Hot Lime Water, a great kick start for the day.

One of my neighbours while I was living in Goa one season was an iridologist,  I had a session with her one day and afterwards one of the things she advised me to do was to drink a glass of hot water with lemon or lime each morning before breakfast, that was about 5 years ago and i still do it  every day almost religiously!  This simple mixture is an excellent way to cleanse your system when taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, helping your body flush out unwanted toxins, amongst other things…

<img src=http://"lime-lemon-water.jpg"?w=267&h=300 alt="hot-lime-lemon-water">The juice of half a lime is sufficient in a mug of hot water

If its too sour for you, add a spoon of honey, and if you really want to make it a super health bomb then add 1-2 teaspoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar too.

 The lime is a great cleanser, digestive aid and can help relieve constipation,  i must say i very rarely have constipation or indigestion these days even though i eat more bread, meat, and spicy food than i ever have! Lime is a good source of Vit C (better than lemon) and boosts the immune system. I have read in many places that drinking lime/lemon water helps weight loss,  i don’t know how true that is but i am not overweight and I drink loads of beer and as much as i try to always eat fresh, healthy food i do eat my fair share of snacks, sweets and unhealthy stuff  too, so perhaps there is some truth in that.

Lime is also said to be good for cystitis, and as  citric acid becomes alkaline in your stromach it is helpful for those with peptic ulcers.  Limes are packed with cancer fighting  anti oxidants and anti-ageing properties too!

Honey and apple cider vinegar are two other super foods that are bursting with goodness, enough to write about each one seperately and i will be posting more about the uses and benefits of them another time! Both of these ingredients are full of anti oxidants, anti-ageing, cancer fighting, immune boosting, fat busting, healing properties and when they are combined with hot water and lime they are considered by many as an elixir of youth!

This powerful combo of ordinary household ingredients can really give your body’s systems a boost and help keep you in perfect condition! You don’t need to spend loads of money on fancy products, just see what mother nature has  to offer- why pay for something chemical based that imitates nature – i just don’t understand that, not when you can have the real thing full of its natural beauty –  helping you keep yours!


Please feel free to comment or share your suggestions and ideas :)

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