A collection of my favourite recipes & remedies from Mexico and around the world.

How to Skin Peppers

This is a great time saving trick that my husband taught me. If your recipe calls for skinless peppers whether they are Bell Peppers or Chiles Poblanos it works the same.

First blacken the skins of the peppers by putting them directly on the flame of your gas stove, in a frying pan with NO oil or on the bbq grill, for about 10 minutes, turning frequently to char them evenly.

Once the skin is black and wrinkled all over put them into a plastic food bag, close it tightly and leave them for about 15 minutes.

When you take them out of the bag the skin should come off easily in your hands as you rub it.

Your peppers are now skinless for use in salsas, soups, dips etc.


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