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Make your own yoghurt at home, no need for special ingredients or equipment.

You can make your own yoghurt at home really easily using milk and a little shop bought yoghurt. You can use any commercial yoghurt that has active cultures, I prefer to use plain yoghurt with no sugar, the result is a creamy, smooth home-made natural yoghurt just as good as  store-bought and much cheaper. The really great thing is that once you have your first batch you do not need to buy yoghurt again to start the next batch as long as you make it before you run out!

It is not always easy to find sugar-free plain yoghurt here in Manzanillo, so depending where I have been I sometimes use the brand Alpura, I don’t like Lala (another Mexican brand yoghurt) which you can get in La Comer (La Comercial Mexicana, a supermarket chain) but NOT in Soriana 😦 I try to avoid the supermarkets as much as poss and use the market. There is a great little health store in Santiago called Yo Natural, they make their own yoghurt there and it is REALLY good, it costs $26 a litre (i think..), so only a couple of pesos more than the branded ones. I always prefer to support the local businesses when I can so for me its definatley worth the extra pesos, plus it tastes really good, the market is way closer than the supermarket, full of much healthier temptations… thumbs up all rounds then!

Another great recipe I cannot take credit for, I must thank my friend Diyana for letting me in on this little secret!

You will need:

1 litre Milk, full fat is best but you can use skimmed if you prefer
2 dessert spoons of Plain Yoghurt
Saucepan with a lid
old 1 litre yoghurt pot with lid or suitable container to store it in.
Towel or blanket

1. Put milk in a pan and heat up gently, stirring to stop it sticking or burning. It must get hot enough without boiling over. Once almost boiling turn the heat off and allow the milk to cool down enough that you can put your finger in without burning it – just don’t let it get cold.

2. Stir the yoghurt in thoroughly.

3. Cover with a lid, wrap in a towel and leave somewhere where there is no breeze either 4-6 hours or overnight, it should be in a warm place. Once the wait is over taste it and see if it is tangy enough for you, if not leave it a few more hours until it has the flavour you like.

4. When the yoghurt is ready it will have set and there will be a layer of liquid, or whey, on the top. You can pour off the whey, this will make the yoghurt a bit thicker and you can then use it to make sour dough bread, or you can just stir it in. Pour the yoghurt into an old litre size yoghurt pot with a lid or airtight tupperware container and store in the fridge, like this it lasts a week or more. Use it as you would any plain yoghurt, with granola and fruits for breakfast, for smoothies, with curries or you can substitute it for cream or sour cream to make lower fat recipes.

To make your next batch repeat the process using your own home-made yoghurt as the starter!

This article from thekitchn.com explains the reasons for the steps when making yoghurt this way if you are interested to know the science behind it.


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