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Classic Mexican Salsa Roja

<img src="salsa-roja.jpg" alt="Classic Mexican Salsa Roja">

Classic Mexican Salsa Roja

A typical tomato based salsa that you will find at almost every taco stand, restaurant and home in Mexico. A must if you are doing carne asada, a bbq beef taco is just not the same with out it!

ariety of salsas at a taco stand

ariety of salsas at a taco stand

Very simple and delicious, you can make it as spicy (or not) as you want.

Ingredients and Method:

3 large ripe tomatoes
2 or 3 cloves of garlic
1/4 small onion
2+ green serrano chilles – add more or less depending on hot you like it.
salt to taste
tomato onion garlic chilliesMethod:

Wrap onion and cloves of garlic in tin foil (aluminium wrap for the gringos).

Place tomatoes and chillies on a stove burner, with the wrapped onion and garlic stuffed just underneath.

Put ingredients on burner to blacken

Put ingredients on burner to blacken

Turn the tomatoes and chilles when you can see they are getting nicely blackend – you can turn them before they get too charred if you prefer, personally i really like the smoky almost BBQ flavour it gives them, it will make the colour of the salsa darker too.

Char tomatoes and chillies for extra flavour

Char tomatoes and chillies for extra flavour

Once charred to your liking, remove from the heat and throw into a blender and blend. You can blend until you have a nice smooth salsa or pulse the blender if you prefer it a bit chunky.

Pour into a bowl or leave in the molcajete and serve with whatever you fancy it with.

Beef tacos with salsa roja

Beef tacos with salsa roja

If you are feeling energetic and you have one you can make it in a molcajete, otherwise known as a pestle and mortar. This requires a little elbow grease. If you do it in the molcajete then you need to follow this order:

Start by adding the onion and garlic with a generous dash of rock salt and grind to a paste.

Next add the chillies and smash them up – be carfeul when you start to crush them as they can pop and boiling hot and super spicy chilli juice can really burn your skin if you get it on you.

Last add the tomatoes and smash to desired consistancy. Same goes with the toms, although the juice is not spicy it will be very very hot and can burn your skin if it splashes you.

salsa roja en molcajete

This is great with beef, we always make a salsa like this when we have a BBQ, it goes great on tacos of all kinds, with beef, chicken or pork, on nachos, sandwhiches, burgers etc.

So there you have it, a simple and delicious Salsa Roja that no Mexican table is complete without.


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