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What is a Palapa?

A palapa is a construction made from wood and palm leaves. They provide shade and form the roof of permanant or temporary structures.

This is what wikipedia says:

A palapa (a Spanish word of Mayan origin, meaning “pulpous leaf”) is an open-sided dwelling with a thatched roof made of dried palm leaves. It is very useful in hot weather and, therefore, very common in Mexican beaches, such as in Acapulco. It is perhaps one of the most important architectural contributions of Philippine culture to Mexican West cultures.

Palapas are also common in Honduras and other Central American countries

They can be very basic or very fancy depending on their use and location. They are everywhere in Mexico, used as roofing for beach and pool areas, bars, sun-shades, bbq areas, restaurants and even houses. They are a beautiful and natural solution for creating shade and / or roofing for outdoor areas. Palapas come in all shapes and sizes, a few examples follow.

round palapa

A palapa is a great place to set up camp. Put your tent up underneath a palapa to keep it cool.

building palapa

A palapa is made of a wooden frame and layers of palm leaves.

fancy palapa

A palapa can be the height of luxury…

basic palapa

..or a basic temporary structure.

palapa playa campos manzanillo colima

Either way, a palapa is always a good place to get out of the sun, enjoy the view and relax.


Comments on: "Word of the Week – What is a Palapa?" (3)

  1. Thanks for this tutorial! We finally decided to have our own palapa at home! well, on the backyard with a small collapsable pool only. And not on the beach. But no matter! Thanks!

    • Hi Mary, you are very welcome, i’m glad you liked it! I just checked out your page, what great palapa designs you have, they really do make it feel like your on vacation everyday!

  2. […] but once you get there you have the place to yourself. Our friend has a beautiful beach front palapa there, a great spot for a party, gathering or to camp, also a great spot to eat some strange local […]

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