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Awareness responsibility suffering

With awareness comes great  responsibility, with irresponsibility comes inevitable suffering.

When we become aware we can no longer hold others/society responsible for our lives, with awareness we take on the full responsibility of our thoughts, words and deeds. Even once we have become aware it is possible to fall back into ignorance once again, going against what we know, against what we believe and against our own selves if we are not careful. It is our responsibility to our selves to maintain awareness and not ignore what we know to be true, this irresponsible behaviour will cause inevitable suffering and misery. We owe it to ourselves to be happy, to follow our dreams and lead a full and rich life during our short time on this planet. No one but you is responsible for your life.

What do you think? Are you responsible?

Comments on: "Awareness, Responsibility & Suffering – are you responsible?" (8)

  1. I do believe that between stimuli
    and response we have the power to choose. I sometimes need to choose more wisely.

    • Hi Tammy, sorry for the delayed response, i agree although, i often allow my reflex to take over before my brain kicks in ..or sometimes the urge to say/do something in response to a situation is overwhelming and again reflex gets there before thinking.. i’m working on it!

  2. Ah, SEO… makes sense. But I am trying to be discreet for the moment. I have no idea where I am going off track 😉

  3. Stop mentionning my article “Irresponsibly correct”, please. You did not spend one minute to check if it was related to your article. In my case, “Irresponsibly correct” is about rational choice to avoid responsibilities. Nothing related to your topic about self improvement.(it hurts a lot all those words in bold)

    • I had no intention to offend you. I did actually read your article and i like your point of how we chose to be irresponsible for an easier life (which i personally think is related to my idea). In any case i often add articles that show up as related articles even if they are not directly related as i think it a good way for people to arrive to blogs they may not usually be looking for, in other words its good publicity for both parties.
      My article about “self improvement” is acutally just an image i designed a few years ago with an idea that came to me while sitting at my desk yesterday, which then provoked me to write a few more of my thoughts down.
      Perhaps it is not the content of your blog that makes you seem, as you say “an asshole” if not your attitude in response to others in the blogging world doing what bloggers do – connecting . If i remove the link as you requested will it keep you safe from those hurtful “bold words”?

      • You are right about one thing, conflict creates improvements. I am a newbie at blogging and I would not expect to receive the visit so early of someone with a different approach. I am very (too) rational person and I am not believing a recipe will help me to solve any problem. But I must admit that not everyone is like me, so theoretically, it can help others.
        Sorry for the impulsive reply. But I will never use bold font for my articles: sounds too forceful persuasion 😉
        Let us debate again.

      • Hi Demiselblog, thank you for your reply. We all have different points of view and perspectives and that is one of the things that makes makes blogging so interesting as you find people from all over the world sharing their ideas which often are new to us or different from our own. I don’t usually write posts about my ideas or thoughts as my blog is more of a food blog to be honest, but maybe i will do it more often as it is very interesting to see the responses of others. The words in bold is my (perhaos bad) attempt at SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) I read somewhere that it can be useful for the search engines ie, google etc.. that is why i highlight key words in bold.. i could be doing it wrong though, i am certainly no expert in the technical aspect of blogging.. or any other to be honest, i just enjoy sharing my recipes and articles about the beautiful place i live and finding other interesting blogs. I try not to take things too seriously, so don’t worry about the impulsive reply, it’s no biggy. Keep up the blogging, you have some interesting articles, i will keep reading! I wish you lots of success.

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