A collection of my favourite recipes & remedies from Mexico and around the world.


Here you will find a collection of delicious sweet & savoury recipes, plus articles about benefits and uses for certain foods, plants and everyday household items, why buy pre packaged, chemical-filled, factory made synthetic products when you can make your own at home, naturally, easily and most often cheaper and definately healthier for you and the planet.

Originally from Cornwall, England, the first part of my childhood was spent in the tranquility of the Cornish countryside, where i suppose i had my first experiences of cooking, baking cakes and pasties with my Grandmother. The rest i spent growing up in grimy North West London where I regularly cooked dinner for all the family as my parents would arrive home late from work. My mum would leave the instructions on how to cook meals such as spaghetti bolognase, liver & belly pork with mash & onion gravy, lasagne, and of course the great British classic: The Roast Dinner, apart from other things.  It was there  in London that i first acquired a taste for the more exotic foods. My best friend at primary school was Indian and we, very happily, would exchange whatever delicacies our mothers had put in our luch boxes everyday, my boring old cheese and marmite or sandwhich spread sandwhiches for her delightfully spicy and way more intersting parathas, pakoras, samosas or bhajis.

Since then i have travelled for a decade mostly in India, South East Asia and Europe before coming to México where i now live with mi amor  and our two naughty  chihuahuas.

I have tried to be as clear as possible in the recipes and include everything you need to be able to follow the instructions and have a good result even if you don’t normally spend much time in the kitchen. I don’t like to spend hours preparing fiddly stuff (except maybe for a special occasion now and then), but i like to make and eat delicous  and healthy food, so i try to keep it as simple as possible,  full of flavour, natural goodness and love!

Please feel free to make any questions or comments.

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  1. Hi PsyKdeliaSmith’s
    Just stopping by to say I really enjoyed following your blog and I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you’re interested in, pop by this link http://matchamochimoo.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/thanks-awards-on-march-2013/ for more details and follow the rules. Keep your good work.

    • HIi Matchamochimoo.. WOW thank you so much 🙂 I am flattered and very happy to accept your nomination! You have cheered my early start.. i’m starting work earlier than usual due to crazy Semana Santa – Saints Week or to the rest of us: Easter holidays, with hardly any sleep due to neighbours partying all night! Hmm.. this sounds like a new post.. if i have time! Thanks again for your nomination 🙂

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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