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Jugo Verde – Nopal, Pineapple, Orange and Parsley Whole Juice

Super healthy 'Jugo Verde'

Super healthy ‘Jugo Verde’

Jugo Verde – Nopal, Pineapple, Orange and Parsley Whole Juice

A very simple blend of nopal, fruit and parsley make a super healthy whole juice to get you going in the morning.

Nopal is said to be good for curing a hangover so this is the perfect morning-after juice. If you add a stick or two of celery they say this is a great juice to help you loose weight.

So we already know about how great the Nopal is in a Salad, here is the link to my recipe for delicious Ensalada de Nopal – a typical Mexican side dish – in case you missed it, now here it is in a Juice. You can always adjust the amounts in the recipe according to your taste, one thing you should know is that the nopal is a bit slimy, so the more you use the more babosa  your juice will be. If you are not too keen on that texture just don’t put too much nopal. (more…)

A Quick Fix: Oatmeal, Honey, Amaranth Shake

A Quick Fix: Oatmeal, Honey, Amaranth Shake

A great snack or quick breakfast if you are on the go and don’t have time to prepare or cook something more substantial. I often have it around lunch time when there is nothing that i fancy in the fridge. It is filling, tasty and full of goodness. (more…)

How to Make Perfect Papaya Juice

Make Perfect Papaya Juice Everytime:

Papaya is a strange fruit, not everyone can appreciate its delicate perfumey flavour and soft melt in the mouth texture.  I learned to love it while travelling in Thailand, anytime I had a bad stomach the papaya was there to help. It works in both ways too, as in, if you suffer with constipation the fruit is an amazing digestive aid and if the problem is the opposite, then the seeds offer a  natural and very effective yet gentle solution for diarrhea. For those who are not so keen on eating the fruit  you can make a delicious juice in a couple of minutes with a blender and a few simple ingredients, which is what i did with the papaya that a friend gave us from their garden the other day. A quick and easy way to incorporate papaya into your diet. (more…)

Tropical Star Fruit and Ginger Juice

English: Ripe Carambolas, or starfruit, the fr...

A sweet, slightly spicy and delightfully tropical drink.

Full of vitamin C and A, loaded with polyphenol antioxidants which are known to help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, it can also help lower cholesterol, weight loss, indigestion, heartburn and sunstroke and even stop skin sagging according to recent scientific research and thats just scratching the surface.

When I discovered a tree full of carambolas (star fruit) in the abandoned house next door the other day I was very excited to find such exotic fruits there for the taking. Well, actually the local kids pouring out of the gate with plastic bag-fulls of them alerted to me the fact there was a tree there! (more…)

Té de Pelo de Elote – Corn Silk Tea

Corn Silk Tea

Most people probably throw away a valuable natural remedy every time they peel fresh sweet corn. I was doing it myself until my husband informed me that here in Mexico the people use them to make a detoxifying tea – Té de Pelo de Elote, which translated means, Corn Hair Tea. The silky fibres or hair that cover the corn are for pollination, but can be used to treat infections, inflammation, to heal and detoxify the body and reduce fluid retention. These hairs are full of many important chemical compounds that can benefit everyone and it tastes good too! (more…)

A Fresh Start!

Hot Lime Water, a great kick start for the day.

One of my neighbours while I was living in Goa one season was an iridologist,  I had a session with her one day and afterwards one of the things she advised me to do was to drink a glass of hot water with lemon or lime each morning before breakfast, that was about 5 years ago and i still do it  every day almost religiously!  This simple mixture is an excellent way to cleanse your system when taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, helping your body flush out unwanted toxins, amongst other things… (more…)

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