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Quick, Easy and Delicious Home-made Tomato & Basil Soup, Topped with Crispy Fried Longaniza

tomato basil soup

Quick, delicious and healthy, how many more reasons to try this Home-made Tomato & Basil Soup, Topped with Crispy Fried Longaniza.

Basil from my gardenThis is very quick to make and very tasty. It is healthy and bursting with flavour from the fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden, do you really need more convincing? Just try it and I know you will love it too. (more…)

Winter Warmer: Cheesy Curried Broccoli Soup

Winter warmer: Creamy, Cheesy Curried Broccoli Soup. Silky Smooth Velvet in a Bowl

It may be winter everywhere else but here in Manzanillo the temperature is still in the 30’s, which makes the day your fridge decides to stop working a pretty bad day. Luckily the day this happened I didn’t have too much in there. A large head of broccoli, onion, garlic, half an avocado, some left over boiled potato, half a package of Philadelphia cheese and some other random bits. So, I turned the annoyance of a lifeless fridge into a delicious pot of steaming, velvety soup. (more…)

Spinach, Chayote and Mushroom Soup

This beautifully thick and velvety soup is such a striking shade of emerald-green (my photo doesn’t do it any justice at all..) that you’ll feel healthier just by looking at it! This is a very vegetarian soup that even the most carnivorous of you will enjoy – I guarantee it. How do I know this .. well I live with a very carnivorous Mexican who, when we met, claimed not to like fruits or vegetables at all – “they’re for cows”, and would not be amused if there was no meat with dinner. These days, happily, he is far more omnivorous and as long as I don’t push it with too many veggie meals in a row, I can get away with 2 or even 3 meat free days a week. (more…)

Creamy, Chunky Sweet Corn, Chicken and Potato Soup

I love corn and I love making soup, so yesterday when I left the house and good timing allowed me to bump into the guys selling fresh corn from the back of a pick up for $15 (pesos) for a dozen i couldn’t resist. Normally when we buy corn my husband likes to make esquites, a yummy mexican corn dish, but this time i bought 2 dozen corns, enough for me to make soup and him to make delicious esquites another day.. i will post the recipe for that soon.

This is a comforting and rustic soup that reminds me of home, delicious, crunchy sweet corn combined with soft potatoes and tender chicken breast in a creamy  sauce with fragrant thyme and bay leaves. All you need to go with it is crusty fresh bread and maybe a log fire to curl up in front of.. that is if you don’t live in the sweaty, tropical Pacific! If you do, don’t worry this soup tastes just as good in the heat! (more…)

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