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How to Make the Perfect Poached Egg on Toast, A Very British Breakfast.

How to Make the Perfect Poached Egg on Toast, a very British Breakfast.

Poached egg on toast is one of my absolute favourite breakfasts. The creaminess of the salt and peppered egg on top of crunchy buttered toast, all washed down with a cup of freshly made tea of course, immediately transports me back to the steamy windowed kitchen in England on a cold morning. It’s funny, I was never really a morning person until the last few years, and I hardly ever ate eggs for breakfast, usually opting for a grapefruit and / or Marmite on toast. Lately though I can’t get enough of poached egg on toast. The simple combination of eggs and bread is another one for my list of nostalgia provoking comfort foods along with things like Mashed Potato, Pickled Onions and Pickled Beetroot.. mmm! Oh and poaching is one of the healthier ways to cook eggs too, no oil necessary! (more…)

My Marvellous Mexican Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Marvellous Mexican Meatballs in Caldillo de Tomate (Tomato Sauce)

>img src="my-marvellous-mexican-meatballs-in-caldillo-de-tomate.jpg" alt="my-marvellous-mexican-meatballs-in-caldillo-de-tomate served with white rice and steamed broccoli">

I was never a huge fan of meatballs to be honest but maybe that’s because I never ate homemade ones before this, it was something my Mum never made and I never thought of making. We would have tinned ones now and then and I remember there was a silly song we used to sing that never failed to amuse my sister and I, we used to sing the song quite often actually, not only when eating meatballs! For those who know and those who don’t, here are the lyrics to the Meatball Song aka On top of old Smokey: (more…)

Mince Beef, Onion & Mushrooms in Gravy with Potato and Beetroot Mash & Ensalada de Nopal

British-Mexican fusion comfort food!

This made a wonderfully colourful and eclectic meal that combines a classic British beef, onions and gravy dish with a traditional Mexican side dish and a psychedelic mash! The flavours were a perfect complement to each other, my hubby said that it was just like food he grew up eating, (apart from the potatoes weren’t usually pink), and funnily enough me too, except for the cactus salad, well  my mum never put beetroot in the mash either but it just goes to show that mince beef and potatoes are internationally comforting! (more…)

Creamy, Chunky Sweet Corn, Chicken and Potato Soup

I love corn and I love making soup, so yesterday when I left the house and good timing allowed me to bump into the guys selling fresh corn from the back of a pick up for $15 (pesos) for a dozen i couldn’t resist. Normally when we buy corn my husband likes to make esquites, a yummy mexican corn dish, but this time i bought 2 dozen corns, enough for me to make soup and him to make delicious esquites another day.. i will post the recipe for that soon.

This is a comforting and rustic soup that reminds me of home, delicious, crunchy sweet corn combined with soft potatoes and tender chicken breast in a creamy  sauce with fragrant thyme and bay leaves. All you need to go with it is crusty fresh bread and maybe a log fire to curl up in front of.. that is if you don’t live in the sweaty, tropical Pacific! If you do, don’t worry this soup tastes just as good in the heat! (more…)

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