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Nice Bit of Titti and Fanny Anyone?!


How could we resist a bit of Titti and Fanny to satisfy our hunger? I mean who in their right mind would pass up this opportunity?! My husband, who was still just my boyfriend at the time, and I found these dubiously named snacks whilst travelling in Guatemala in 2008. It was on the island of Peten in Flores, the north east of the country. Titti Chips and Fanny sardines.. for the Americans out there, fanny in England means vagina.. so the irony of naming a tin of sardines Fanny was just too much for me, i had to have them!

So after a period of absence from the blog – i have been training to be a Divemaster and then went on a long awaited trip home to England after four and a half years in Mexico – i am back, and will aim to post regularly again. Recipes and food stuff, maybe some travel pics and anything interesting from my life here in sunny Manzanillo, Mexico.

By the way this post is also a test to see how the quick post option works from my tablet.. so who knows what it will turn out like as i cannot preview it.

Hasta pronto amigos

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