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Nice Bit of Titti and Fanny Anyone?!


How could we resist a bit of Titti and Fanny to satisfy our hunger? I mean who in their right mind would pass up this opportunity?! My husband, who was still just my boyfriend at the time, and I found these dubiously named snacks whilst travelling in Guatemala in 2008. It was on the island of Peten in Flores, the north east of the country. Titti Chips and Fanny sardines.. for the Americans out there, fanny in England means vagina.. so the irony of naming a tin of sardines Fanny was just too much for me, i had to have them!

So after a period of absence from the blog – i have been training to be a Divemaster and then went on a long awaited trip home to England after four and a half years in Mexico – i am back, and will aim to post regularly again. Recipes and food stuff, maybe some travel pics and anything interesting from my life here in sunny Manzanillo, Mexico.

By the way this post is also a test to see how the quick post option works from my tablet.. so who knows what it will turn out like as i cannot preview it.

Hasta pronto amigos

Word of the Week – Escabeche & How To Make Pickled Jalapeño & Habanero Chilies

habanero jalapeno onion carrot

Word of the Week – Escabeche & How To Make Pickled Jalapeño & Habanero Chilies

I thought escabeche was the Mexican name for anything pickled as you find jalapeños en escabeche everywhere and they appear to be just pickled in vinegar with slices of carrot and onion chucked in. Now I’m checking it all out I am finding that there is a bit more (but not that much) to this preserving method than just throwing jalapeños, onion and carrot in a jar with vingear.

The word escabeche is derived from a Persian word sikbaj, which sounds like “iskabech” which then transformed to the Catalan word eskabetx (“x” = “ch” in Catalan). The Persian dish of al sikbaj was a meat dish cooked with vinegar and honey or molasses. During the Moorish conquest the Arabs brought it to Spain and the Mediterranean, from there the Spanish took it with them on their conquests. It is common throughout Europe, Latin America and in the Philippines in its various forms.

jalapeños en escabeche

So what is it here in Mexico? Well it is a method of preserving vegetables, usually chilies with carrot and onion in vinegar with herbs. The bit I had been doing wrong, or missing out altogether is that before putting all those things in a clean jar and leaving them to absorb the flavours for a period of time, the Mexican way is to fry them in oil first, then add the vinegar after and boil it. So I was totally incorrect in my efforts to make my jalapeños en escabeche, oh well, ni modo, I will give you my method for pickling chilies – they still taste great in tacos, sandwiches, cold meat or whatever you fancy spicing up.

I will make a batch of ‘proper’ escabeche another day and post the recipe and photos once its done.

Pickled Jalapeños and Habaneros

You Need:

Clean glass jars with lids
Wax paper cut in circles an inch (2.5cm) bigger than the jar-lids


Jalapeño chillies
Habanero chilies
White Onion
White vinegar

Sterilise the glass jars and lids by filling them with boiled water and leaving at least 10 mins.
Slice jalapeños, habaneros and carrots into rounds.
Cut the onion in half and then into thin slices.
Cut the habaneros in half lengthways then into thin slices -take care as the juice is extremly hot and will burn your skin! You may want to wear rubber gloves, but you definaltly want to wash your hands thoroughly after touching the chiles to avoid any burning skin/eyes etc.

Stuff the jars with the veggies – keeping the habs and the jalapeños in separate jars, once full pour in the vinegar to the top. Place a circular piece of wax paper over the opening of the jar and seal with the lid.

habanero jalapeno pickled chilies

Mark the jars with the date you made them and leave around 4 weeks -stored in a cool, dark place. Once opened keep them in the fridge. They last almost forever with all that vinegar, however i live in the tropics so keep almost everything in the fridge!

They are HOT so eat with caution!

Dirty Dancing Cops Gettin’ Down at Colima Surf Side, Manzanillo.

Dirty Dancing Cops!

I just had to share this video of the Policia Municipal getting down while directing the holiday traffic. My hubby recorded this yesterday evening when we ventured out into the tourist filled streets of Santiago, Manzanillo. It is Semana Santa (Holy Week), the busiest and most important holiday in Latin America, when everybody and their dog comes to the beach no matter what!

This is at the junction just before Miramar Beach, on the corner where the Colima Surf Side Surf Shack is. The shack is run by a friend of ours, Ricardo, a semi-professional surfer and 100% Manzanillense! You can see us at the end of the video cheering 😛

Colima Surf Side Surf Shack Manzanillo, Colima. Best place in Manzanillo to learn to surf, rent boards or just hang out with surf dudes.

Colima Surf Side – Surf Shack, Manzanillo, Colima. Best place in Manzanillo to learn to surf, rent boards or just hang out with surf dudes.


¡A huevo! Word of the Week and a Healthy Breakfast

Poached Egg Over Baby Spinach, Drizzled with Olive Oil and Lime Juice

Poached Egg Over Baby Spinach, Drizzled with Olive Oil and Lime Juice

¡A huevo! Word of the Week and a Healthy Breakfast

Ok, so this weeks Mexican Word of the Week is more of an expression than a word. If you have ever  spent any time in Mexico it is likely you have heard someone exclaim “¡A huevo!” at some point. In Spanish huevo translates to “egg” but “a huevo” is nothing to do with our favourite breakfast staple, however, i decided to throw in a tasty, healthy breakfast idea along with this weeks’ Mexican word of the week as it’s almost the weekend and it’s going to be busy!

A Marine Animal or an Alcoholic Beverage – What is a Caguama?


Loggerhead Sea Turtle

A Marine Animal or an Alcoholic Beverage – What is a Caguama?

Cheeky chihuahua Tequila and a Corona Mega, or caguama

Cheeky Chihuahua, Tequila and a Corona Mega

And the answer is…



Word of the Week – What is a Palapa?


What is a Palapa?


Vegetarian Bean Burgers with Salsa Roja and Yogurt, Lime, Cilantro Salsa (and a wee moan)

<img src="dscn7273-902x1024.jpg" alt="Vegetarian Bean Burger with Salsa Roja and Yogurt, Lime, Cilantro Salsa">

Vegetarian Bean Burgers with Salsa Roja and Yogurt, Lime, Cilantro Salsa: A vegetarian meal even a carnivore will love..


The Moon Wept as the Ocean Reflected

<img src="lunaymar.jpg" alt="the ocean wept as the moon reflected a painting 2009 manzanillo mexico">–  The Moon Wept as the Ocean Reflected –

(2009) Manzanillo, México

Sexy Lime Cheesecake

<img src="sexy-lime-cheesecake4.jpg" alt="sexy-lime-cheesecake decorated with strawberries, rasberries, mint and candied limes">

This little beauty is pretty quick and easy to make, doesn’t require baking and is extremely delicious. You can impress your loved ones, or just indulge yourself with this simple yet luxurious sexy lime cheesecake. (more…)

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