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How to Make Perfect Papaya Juice

Make Perfect Papaya Juice Everytime:

Papaya is a strange fruit, not everyone can appreciate its delicate perfumey flavour and soft melt in the mouth texture.  I learned to love it while travelling in Thailand, anytime I had a bad stomach the papaya was there to help. It works in both ways too, as in, if you suffer with constipation the fruit is an amazing digestive aid and if the problem is the opposite, then the seeds offer a  natural and very effective yet gentle solution for diarrhea. For those who are not so keen on eating the fruit  you can make a delicious juice in a couple of minutes with a blender and a few simple ingredients, which is what i did with the papaya that a friend gave us from their garden the other day. A quick and easy way to incorporate papaya into your diet. (more…)

A Fresh Start!

Hot Lime Water, a great kick start for the day.

One of my neighbours while I was living in Goa one season was an iridologist,  I had a session with her one day and afterwards one of the things she advised me to do was to drink a glass of hot water with lemon or lime each morning before breakfast, that was about 5 years ago and i still do it  every day almost religiously!  This simple mixture is an excellent way to cleanse your system when taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, helping your body flush out unwanted toxins, amongst other things… (more…)

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