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Jarabe de Piloncillo

Piloncillo Syrup, Healthier Sugar!

Piloncillo is one of my greatest kitchen discoveries, well actually it was my friends Maxim and Conrad who introduced me to it, Conrad had made a most wonderful Banana and Date “Ice Cream” and served it with Piloncillo Syrup.. that was it, I was hooked! I made it at home the very next day and since then I have stopped buying any other kind of sugar altogether apart from honey.

So what is piloncillo anyway? It is unrefined cane sugar, meaning this is the healthiest and most natural form of sugar, in fact this stuff is actually good for you! Because it has not been through all the refining processes like other sugar it still contains many trace vitamins and nutrients, the main ones being mineral salts, calcium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A, B1, B6, and D, who thought sugar could be so healthy! (more…)

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