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Awareness, Responsibility & Suffering – are you responsible?

Awareness responsibility suffering

With awareness comes great  responsibility, with irresponsibility comes inevitable suffering.

When we become aware we can no longer hold others/society responsible for our lives, with awareness we take on the full responsibility of our thoughts, words and deeds. Even once we have become aware it is possible to fall back into ignorance once again, going against what we know, against what we believe and against our own selves if we are not careful. It is our responsibility to our selves to maintain awareness and not ignore what we know to be true, this irresponsible behaviour will cause inevitable suffering and misery. We owe it to ourselves to be happy, to follow our dreams and lead a full and rich life during our short time on this planet. No one but you is responsible for your life.

What do you think? Are you responsible?


Word of the Week – What is a Palapa?


What is a Palapa?


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